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Good guy # 1
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Item Name: Good guy # 1
Size: (millimeters)
Seller Location:Hong Kong


Good guy # 1

Mr. Pham (For testing)

VERY Good!!! ULTRA RARE!!! Approx. 150cm, banished to join the A and regular auction because Mr. Huynh. So he tried to find hacker to attack this site twice to test the security. Had used another account to place bids especially to bid Moses' and Mr. Huynh's snails due to test the security of this site before. Always lying to send snails for auction, many excuse such as sick or busy etc. Just to save time and work for their team. Finally this site banished to join regular auction. Then he tried to join A auction. After joining the A auction, he had stolen buyers' information for his own website. But the business is not good so try to use fake bidders again to jack up the price, it's aims to test other third parties can find it or not. Someone found what he did so his own website business going down and offer FREE postage if you buy over EURO 150 or up. Well, perhaps none are interested in.

He had big big profit and already bought house because of this business, he had been helped to sell several thousand dollars per auction and the cost is only small amount,so he has lot of money to find hacker to attack this site.

Just sent out edited emails to shell collectors and dealers, cheating again. This time is EMAIL attack. It means that he is the one to order hacker to attack us. 100% SURE. We are reporting to POLICE.

Most update is, we spent USD 2000+ for webhosting transfer to more secure company due to this GOOD guy's hacker attacked. VERY GOOD person. Never seen before.

Offered by his mother and father.


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Hong Kong
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